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The Smart Way to Buy Packaging Equipement

1. Create one professional REQUEST FOR QUOTE


3. COMPARE offers with user-friendly grid


What makes us different?

PackAdvisors is focusing on one industry, packaging equipments.

Strong database + human intervention from industry insiders.

Our Methods

Create Request For Quote

Your project-specific information is inserted into our templates to create a professional request for quote, which is also known as a URS across the industry.


Make a sound decision

Compare the quotes with our analysis grid and quickly see if vendors fully comply with your request.


Invite Manufacturers to Bid

Thanks to the URS, manufacturers are quoting based on identical information and have to comply (in writing) to safety and electrical standard of your region.


Some of Our Machines and Manufacturers.....

LIMBUS 70 tube filling & closing machine
The LIMBUS 70 is the low/medium speed model of tube filler offered by Subnil. It loads tube into machine, centers them, orients the tube as per brand name, fills and then closes the tube either by ...
BenchMAX Tabletop Labeler (with all attachments)
The BenchMAX will label glass, plastic and metal bottles, jars, tubes, vials, candles and more from the base to the very top and will label container sizes from 45mm to a 130mm. A fully-optione...
X-ray system for fill-level inspection
X-ray technology uses non-contact online inspection method, when the container passes the tube, X-ray energy is transmitted through the container. The detector measures the intensity of the beam, a...

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