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Our team is travelling the world to meet with hundreds of packaging machine manufacturers. 

Our platform let you ask the right questions to the right people to make the best decision. 


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Experts will help you create a professional User Requirement Specification (URS) document to invite vendors to bid on your project.  

Vendors have to comply (by contractual agreement) to your local safety and electrical standards and meet performance targets. 

Analytical grid, check list and references provided by the vendors will greatly facilitate your decision to buy the right machine.

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Examples of projects:

- Plastic bottle unscrambler
- Bottle washing machine for returnable glass bottles
- Bottle rinsing and sterilizing machine 
- Bottling line for sparkling wine (champenoise method) including corking and wire-hooding
- Olive oil filler and ROPP capper monoblock
- Monoblock with rinser, isabaric filler and screw capper (ROPP)
- Maple syrup bottling line with constant-level filler for glass bottle and plastic screw caps
- Capsule dispenser (PVC & polylaminate), spinner and shrink head
- Volumetric Piston Filler/Depositors for viscous/chunky products

Bagging/Pouching/Form-Fill-Sealing Technologies
- Capsule applicator and spinner for tin (polylaminate) capsules on wine bottles
- Champagne-style capsule dispenser and pleater
Safety & Inspection
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Case Studies



Micro-brasseries: étiquettes autocollantes ou étiquettes à colle froide