Contrôle GMC Inc.

  • Countries sold to:
    USA, Canada, Switzerland
  • Target Market : Refrigerated Food Processors, Fresh Cheese Processors, Feta Cheese Processors, Ricotta Cheese, Bocconcini Cheese, Yogurt, Dips
  • ( Denesting, Filling, & Lidding Machine for dairy products in cups, tubs and buckets )


FDS 4500 Cup, tub and tray dual lane filling line

  • The FDS4500 is an automatic dual-lane filling line made with one motorized indexing  conveyor having two lanes that dispenses automatically two by two empty tubs, trays or buckets, bring them to the filling station(s), activates the optional double plastic film sealing module model PL500D,  bring the containers two by two under the lids (or over-caps) denesting & lids (or over-caps)  depositor unit, and then under the closing unit.  

    This  dual-lane filling line can manage either liquid and semi-liquid products, ordry, viscous or sticky products, and is made  for round, square or rectangularopen mouth containers, with or whitout a tamper evidency button.


  • Category
    Filler - Dairy
  • Product type:
    Hard Feta in brine, Bocconcini in brine, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Soft Feta, Cheese dips, Yogurt, Tzatziki Sauce, Fresh Cheese, Chèvre, Goat Cheese, Potato Salad
  • Speed Range : Maximum speed per minute, up to: 100 for 1 lbs tubs, and 80 for 5 lbs buckets
  • Packaging Size : Range: 4 oz to 15 lbs
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