A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

  • Countries sold to:
    USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Target Market : Food processors, chemicals, personal care, cleaning products, cosmetics
  • ( Semi-automatic palletizer, Manual Palletizer )


Model 72SA Semi Automatic Palletizer

  • This simple and efficient Model 72SA case palletizer makes it easy to upgrade your hand palletizing operation, without losing the flexibility of manual palletizing. This case palletizer eliminates the bending and lifting associated with manual palletizing, reducing the risk of back injuries and resulting high insurance premiums.

    It allows case feed from any direction, providing unlimited flexibility, and the small footprint saves floor space. If your needs change, this semi-automatic case palletizer is designed for an easy upgrade to automatic operation.

    Palletizing is as simple as 1-2-3
    1. As cases feed by conveyor, the operator slides them into the correct pallet pattern.
    2. When the layer is complete, the operator presses the pushbutton, and the layer is automatically placed squarely on the previous pallet layer.
    3. The table automatically returns to its original position for the next load.

    Increase operator efficiency
    No lifting, stooping or walking around the pallet is required to operate this case palletizer. Once a layer is formed, the operator simply presses the start button and the layer is palletized automatically.

    Square layers palletize into high quality pallet loads
    A rear layer retainer plate and two side layer squaring plates center each layer on the pallet. The layer is held firmly to retain it squarely during the deposit cycle.

    A low friction roller transfer table is available to allow easy handling of heavy and shrinkwrapped cases.
  • Category
  • Product type:
    Cases, Trays, Bags, Pails, Tote
  • Speed Range : 15 to 20 cases per minute
  • Packaging Size : Up to 650 lbs on elevator table (1 layer)
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