Aesus Packaging Systems, Inc.

  • Countries sold to:
    USA, France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, Jordan
  • Target Market : Cosmetics, Personal Care, Nutraceutical/Natural products, Chemicals
  • What industries are using it?
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Nutraceutical
    • Industrial
    • Cosmetic
    • Contract packaging
    • Chemicals
    • Biotechnology
  • ( Tabletop Liquid Filler, Semi-automatic Liquid Filler )
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AF1 Liquid Filler

  • The selection of a liquid filler involves decisions regarding price, speed, versatility, convenience, ease of operation reliability.

    From the many techniques available, Aesus Packaging Systems selected and then designed and Patented a new positive displacement rotary pump as being the best liquid filling technology. The advantages of these pumps are many.
    - Versatility: A wide variety of products are easily filled, ranging from light liquids through to heavy creams and gels.
    - Immediately ready to fill again: no need to first draw in the required product prior to dispensing, as is the case with piston fillers. In some applications this will double the output.
    - Limitless fill quantity: no restrictions regarding the fill size. Milliliters to liters (ounces to gallons) same machine. No separate pistons to buy.
    - Repeatabilities of +/- 0.5%: easily achievable.
    - Changeover: new products can be set up quickly and easily and the complete pump can be disassembled without tools. The time saved adds up rapidly... helping pay for the machine over and over.
    - Compact: The fillers take up half the space of others.

    In addition, the Aesus AF1 Tabletop Filler was designed to be interconnected with other AF1 units (up to four units can be connected) to make it a multiple fill-head system, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Automation of the Aesus AF1 Liquid Fillers involves adding a conveyor, bottle indexing system and a controler.  

  • Category
    Filler - Viscous products
  • Product type:
    Hand cream, hand lotion, shampoo, soap, detergent, industrial cleaner, edible oil, chemicals, flammable products
  • Speed Range : Up to 24 liters per minute for a single pump
  • Packaging Size : 10ml up to several liters (depending on pump and nozzle size)
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