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  • Countries sold to:
  • Target Market : Craft Brewery, Micro Brewery, Juice, Soft Dring and other beverages
  • What industries are using it?
    • Beverage (carbonated)
    • Beverage (still)
  • ( Cartoner, Case Packer, Sleever, Palletizer )


WTP-25 Side Load Cartoner/Tray Packer

  • Our Automatic Cartoner/Tray packer for beer cans/beer bottles is a side load system capable to load bottles or cans in RSC cartons and corrugated trays.... IN THE SAME UNIT.

    Easy to adjust for different size of packs and gentle loading system suitable for glass bottles and cans. This automatic case packer for cans or bottles is predominantly made with stainless steel components, therefore well-suited for the craft brewery environment.

    The machine also includes a conveyor with a lane infeed system with back pressure control and we can integrate outfeed conveyors to fit your needs.

    Our complete range of case erectors, tray formers and cartoners are featuring Nordson PRO BLUE Hot Melt Glue systems and interlocked safety guarding.
  • Category
  • Product type:
    Glass bottles and aluminum cans
  • Speed Range : 250 bpm
  • Packaging Size : Custom for different patterns and bottle/can sizes
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