Control GMC


Automatic filling line for nuts in clear hinged containers

  • Model DS2500 fully automated filling system for rectangular clear hinged lid containers used to pack dry products such as nuts, dried fruits, snacks, candies or sauces.

    Available in single lane or dual lanes, the machine will automatically denest, transport container under fill station (combination scale, linear scale, cup filler or auger filler), position and close hinged lids. Speed up to 40 containers per minute for single lane.

    The Control GMC hinged containers filling system offers unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to frequent container changeovers. Built for retail-type hinged lid containers, provision can also be made to run detached lids and/or to seal film or foil membrane.  Its versatility allows you to fill on the same machine many different shapes (round, square, oval) and size containers either in plastic, paperboard, aluminum, etc.  The machine can be designed to fill and close regular or tamper evident containers. Adding a plastic film automatic heat sealing machine (see ou PL500) allow you, still on the same line to use sealable containers, with or without an over-cap.

    While this description is focusing on nuts, dried fruits and dry product filling, this food packing/packaging machine can also fill liquid, viscous or sticky products by replacing the dry product filler by our Volumetric Piston Filler/Depositor (see our DV2000).  Set up time takes about 20 minutes. When required, pre-adjusted tooling for a new container shape or size can be bought for a nominal cost allowing you to introduce at will new SKU to stay on top of the market.

    • Basic machine designed for hinged lid containers
    • Possible to also run cups, tubs, trays and buckets
    • Any brand of scale or filler can be integrated within our system
    • The "hat": i.e. a vertical pneumatically actuated PRODUCT CONTAINMENT SYSTEM, at the filling position : to guide the granular product down to the container and avoid at the same time product bouncing out of the container.
    • The "catcher": i.e. an option to the above "hat", acting as a product's buffer : it will collect the right quantity of product, before a new empty container arrives at the filling position, thus cancelling any delay in the product's chute, so leading to a speed up to 45/MINUTE on a SINGLE LANE machine.

    • Allen Bradley PLC controlled independent modules
    • Reliable pick and place unit for lids & containers distribution
    • True one by one lids & containers escapement system
    • Trustworthy air removing closing head
    • All metal parts in stainless steel => long lasting, fully washable
    • HMI: a user-friendly touch-screen machine/operator interface, with status, set up, a maintenance screen, and production statistics

    Control GMC - Safety operation & easy maintenance:
    This machine automatically stops the filler if no container has arrived or stops itself if the lid denester head is jammed.
    Easily accessible mechanical parts, simple open design.
    On-screen error detection and diagnosis.
    In-house programming & support.
    NEMA 4X wash down fibreglass control box, with temperature control when use in cold environment

    Control GMC - Flexibility:
    Simple & quick container size changeover, with a unique pocket-like adjustable conveyor, a preset lid & container interchangeable denester heads, height adjustable modules and up to 8 set of timers to easily adapt both conveyor and modules speed to the new container and or product.

  • Category
    Dry products / parts (nuts, candies, screws)
  • Product type:
    Nuts, Dried Fruits, Candies, Wrapped candies, flow wrapped candies, Pet Foods, Snacks, Chocolats, Produces, Spices, Meat Sauce, Rosee Sauce, Soups
  • Speed Range : Up to 45 per minute (per lane, maximum two lanes on this model)
  • Packaging Size : 4 oz. Hinged Deli up to 64 oz. Hinged Deli
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