Deitz Co., Inc. (Pharmafill)

  • Countries sold to:
    United States, Canada, Mexico
  • Target Market : Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies or contract packagers
  • What industries are using it?
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Nutraceutical
    • Contract packaging


Model TC3 Tablet and Capsule Counter

  • The TC3 Fully Automatic Electronic Counter is specifically designed for automated lines, with a large capacity hopper and a narrow profile. It has a unique single-discharge chute for faster bottle throughput, up to 50 containers/min of 50 count.
  • Category
    Tablet counter
  • Product type:
    Packaging of tablets, capsules, or clear gel caps (pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products)
  • Speed Range : Averages 2500 pills/min; 50 bottles/min
  • Packaging Size : TC3 does not need change parts for different types/sizes of pills. An adjustable lift platform allows for diverse bottle sizes. Compact design leaves room for a second TC3 on the production line to increase efficiency
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