United States

  • Countries sold to:
    United States of America
  • Target Market : Medical, Food, Industrial
  • What industries are using it?
    • Food - Meat, poultry & fish
    • Industrial
    • Medical devices
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Thermaprint 64 Standard

  • Doranix introduces the ThermaPrint 64 Series of Direct-to-Package Printing Systems with heavy-duty industrial design equivalent to the original ThermaPrint. This series features increased connectivity (USB & Ethernet) allowing interface flexibility and ease of networking. For optimum print quality, the same Near-Edge 305 DPI, High Speed Printhead and rugged Print Mechanism are retained as is the Ribbon Saving Mechanism (which reduces ribbon consumption up to 90%). The rugged design of the ThermaPrint 64 Series Printing Systems is powered by 4 – 6 motors dependent on configuration. A custom Collection Magazine is adequate for most applications; a Powered Stacker provides additional capacity for larger production runs and for precise stacking of packaging such as small Lids or Cards.

  • Category
    Thermal transfer printer
  • Product type:
    Medical Pouches, Coffee Bag, Clothing Tags, Hang Tags
  • Speed Range : Not applicable.
  • Packaging Size : The 64 bit processor and increased memory provide improved print capabilities and compatibility with most types of software. Higher Print and Slew speeds increase throughput which is further enhanced by Top Loading of product to allow continuous oper
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