• Countries sold to:
  • Target Market : Food, beverage, personal health care,house hold chemical
  • What industries are using it?
    • Beverage (Champagne)
    • Nutraceutical
    • Food - All except pet, meat, poultry & fish
    • Dairy
    • Consumer goods
    • Cosmetic
    • Contract packaging
    • Consultant
    • Beverage (carbonated)
    • Beverage (still)


Wrap-Around Case Packer Model WAR250

  • Wrap Around WAR250 is an automatic machine of modular structure, designed for the packaging of different containers (of plastic, cardboard, metal or glass) in boxes of corrugated cardboard or trays without film.

    It can reach a production of up to 25 boxes per minute, depending on the format and type of product. The feeder of products consists in a motorized belt conveyor intralox type, controlled by an electronic frequency inverter and detectors for lack of accumulation and fallen containers. Containers are divided into lanes by a pneumatic divider. They are then transported to the head, where they are grouped. A stacker system acts when is required to do two floors, bringing up one of them and allowing the passage of the following one below. Once the containers are grouped and the flat box is placed in the right position, the double hatch opens to place containers at the point of descent. When the flat box begins to descend in order to be folded, the stacker system positions the first group on the second, ending the stacking process.

    During the descent and subsequent progress, the system is folding the carton flaps, wrapping the flat box around the product. The gluing work is done through a "Hot-Melt" device. A mechanical movement gun injects the hot-melt on the front flap. Guns placed in the side arms inject the hot-melt when the box goes ahead. The length of the injected hot-melt is controlled by PLC. A generator of impulses and a new folding flaps system at the last station of the machine guarantees a perfect squared and compaction of the box. The automatic store cartons dispenser of high production incorporates absorption suckers to separate each cardboard individually.

    Manual adjustment of the machine using two hand wheels with tachometer allows a fast and simple change of format, without the need for additional accessories. The side guards, with polycarbonate doors and security micros, comply with the European safety directives and allow easy access to all parts of the machine.

  • Category
    Case packer
  • Product type:
    Liquids (drinks,oils,vinegar,etc.),cosmetics,household chemicals
  • Speed Range : Up to 25 boxes/min. Also are available models for 15 and 40 boxes/min.
  • Packaging Size : Length: 150-350 mm, Width: 200-500 mm, Height: 85-320 mm.
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