Aesus Packaging Systems, Inc.

  • Countries sold to:
    USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina
  • Target Market : Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Food or any industry requiring a bottle labeling system for round containers
  • What industries are using it?
    • Beverage (Champagne)
    • Nutraceutical
    • Medical devices
    • Food - All except pet, meat, poultry & fish
    • Dairy
    • Consumer goods
    • Cosmetic
    • Contract packaging
    • Chemicals
    • Biotechnology
    • Beverage (carbonated)
    • Beverage (still)
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ECO Wrap Labeler

  • The Aesus ECO Wrap is an entry-level, fully automatic wrap-around labeling machine for pressure-sensitive labels. This automatic wrap labeler is dedicated to round bottles or any cylindrical containers of various diameter and height. Whether you need to apply labels to plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans or tin cans, the ECO Wrap Labeler is certainly one of the best value in America when it comes to quality/price ratio.

    The Eco Wrap round bottle labeler offers the same powerful and servo-driven Herma 400 label head as our top end models but eliminates many bells and whistles to give a cost effective automatic wrap bottle labeler. Speeds of over 100 bottles per minute can be achieved on 3'' diameter cylindrical containers or round bottles.

    The Aesus ECO Wrap Labeler includes a 7ft long stainless steel conveyor, 12 inch Wrap belt, closed-frame, a swivel control box and a servo label dispenser. The control can be a simple buttons and potentiometer panel or Aesus’ standard Allen Bradley touch screen and PLC.

    The ECO Wrap Series most popular options are coders (thermal, hot stamp, laser), Prism Aligner (for large diameter or unstable bottles), StarPrism, vision systems, label presence sensor, conveyor extension, extra label applicator for top label and reject station.
  • Category
    Pressure-sensitive (self-adhesive) labeler
  • Product type:
    Cosmetic bottles, Vitamin bottles, Pharmaceutical bottles, Juice bottles, Beer bottles, Beer cans, Tapered tubs of various diameters.
  • Speed Range : Up to 100 bottles per minute
  • Packaging Size : Standard machine for round bottle labeling will apply full wrap label on 3'' diameter bottles. With proper options, 10'' diameter containers, pails, tapered bottles or tubs can be labeled as well.
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