Fasa, JSC

  • Countries sold to:
    Lithuania, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Africa, North America, South America
  • Target Market : dairy product producers, food proccesing companies
  • What industries are using it?
    • Dairy
  • ( filling and wrapping )


Butter/Margarine filling and wrapping machine

  • Automatic filling and wrapping machines (ARM) designed for packaging butter, margarine, ground meat, curd, edible fats, fresh cheese or sweet curd mass and other pasty products into aluminum foil laminates or parchment paper.

    Alternative product feeding options, hopper with augers or optional direct feed from the process plant, are available.

    A big variety of brick sizes and a dozing range from 9 to 1000 g, robust machine design and simple maintenance as well as customized models are trademarks of the ARM line.
  • Category
    Filler - Dairy
  • Product type:
    pasty products, butter, margarine, ground meat, curd, edible fats, fresh cheese, sweet curd mass
  • Speed Range : 40 - 90 bricks/min
  • Packaging Size : 9 – 1000grams
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