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  • Target Market : frozen food
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Value Vac 16" Vacuum Sealer

  • Value Vac 16" Vacuum Sealer does both vacuum and heat sealing. Value Vac 1601 is truly a machine that delivers both quality and performance at a price for you. If you are looking for a no frills, entry level, commercial heat & vacuum sealer, look no more. The Vacuum Vac 16” Sealer Machine is best fit for you. Just see the amazing features of the machine. Special Features: - Model No: VV 1600 Max. Seal Length: 15.5 inches Seal width: .25 Inches Electrical: 120 VAC Vacuum Pressure: 20” Hg Air Compression: 2.5 CFM Accessories with Machine: Repair Kit Barrier Bag Work Shelf Watch the complete process of 16” vacuum sealer machine at

  • Category
    Vacuum packaging
  • Product type:
    vacuum packed food.
  • Speed Range : 10 second to seal 15 inches product.
  • Packaging Size : max 15.5 inches length and minimum 1 inch
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