Guangzhou UJUNR Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd.

  • Countries sold to:
    Russia, Indonesia, Burma, South African, etc.
  • Target Market : Mineral water, detergents, beverage, cosmetic, washing, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • What industries are using it?
    • Beverage (Champagne)
    • Other
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Packaging & Containers
    • Nutraceutical
    • Machinery manufacturer (OEM)
    • Consumer goods
    • Cosmetic
    • Chemicals
    • Beverage (carbonated)
    • Beverage (still)
  • ( Automatic self-adhesive labeling machine. )
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OPP Hot Melt Labeling Machine

  • Technical parameters:
    Power supply: Three phase 380V 50Hz 8000W
    Machine Dimensions: 3000*2500*2000mm
    Max.speed of labels feed: 150m/min
    Labeling precision: 0.5mm
    Max. label width: 150mm
    Max. label length: 500mm
    Max. label diameter: 600mm
    Paper core diameter: 152mm
    Labeling glue: hot melt, glue at both ends of each label
    Glue temperature: 120-160 ℃
    Diameter of container: 40 -100mm

    Fast speed Opp hot melt labeling machines.
    Suitable for paste labels made of Opp, Paper-plastic composite, paper labels etc.
    Apply in the detergents, mineral water, beverages, food, etc.

  • Category
    Hot Melt Labeler
  • Product type:
    Round, Square, Conical bottles or containers, Glass bottle, Jar, Can, etc.
  • Speed Range : Max. speed: 28000 BPH
  • Packaging Size : bottles of 100 mm diameter, 300 mm tall.
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