• Countries sold to:
    All over the world
  • Target Market : Wine and Spirits, Beer, Food, Dairy, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals
  • What industries are using it?
    • Beverage (Champagne)
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Packaging & Containers
    • Machinery manufacturer (OEM)
    • Food - All except pet, meat, poultry & fish
    • Dairy
    • Cosmetic
    • Chemicals
    • Beverage (carbonated)
    • Beverage (still)
  • ( Pressure Sensitive labeler / Combination labeler )
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  • Combined and modular rotary labelling machine self-adhesive and cold glue

    New no constraints labeller!

    It is the evolution of the classic modular labeller, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment allowing its users to decide which labelling station to install, when to install it (before, during or after its purchase) and whether to install labelling units as fixed or modular fittings. Indeed, new Modular Plus offers the possibility of choosing the kind of labelling that meets current customers' needs at best. In case marketing requires it, it is possible to change the kind of application, instead of replacing the whole machine, as it was in the past. Even after the labelers purchase, it is possible to replace the existing labelling units at any time with other kinds of fittings that offer different technologies -e.g. on carts or fixed stations - as upon the labelers purchase. Carts and fixed stations are available for any kind of technology: cold glue, hot-melt, self-adhesive (including non-stop) and roll-fed equipments.

    Modular is a non-binding labeller assuring its users absolute freedom!
  • Category
    Cold Glue / Wet Glue Labeler
  • Product type:
    Round and shaped glass bottles, plastic bottles and glass jars
  • Speed Range : From 6.000 to 60.000 bph
  • Packaging Size : Max 168 mm
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