• Countries sold to:
    USA, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Algeria, Russia and others
  • Target Market : Nuts, dried fruits, snacks, confection, bakery mix, whey proteins, nutraceutical, pool chemical, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables
  • What industries are using it?
    • Medical devices
    • Industrial
    • Food - Pet
    • Food - Meat, poultry & fish
    • Food - All except pet, meat, poultry & fish
    • Consumer goods
    • Contract packaging
    • Chemicals
    • Military
    • Nutraceutical
  • ( VFFS bagger for stand-up pouches )
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VFFS Bagger RM-32ACD Doypack

  • Radpak model RM-32ACD Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Bagger is the economical solution to pack your products into stand-up pouches.

    Stand-up pouches (with or without zippers) are formed by the bagger directly from the roll of film, filled by an appropriate filler and sealed, all by the same machine in a small footprint compared to Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal machinery.  The other main benefit of the Radpak VFFS for stand-up pouches (Doypack) is the saving on the cost of pouches in comparison to purchasing pre-made pouches and fill them on a fill/seal rotary baggers.  You can arguably save around 15% on the price of a pre-made pouch by going rollstock!  

    Benefiting from the latest technical solutions used in other Radpak vertical packaging machines, model RM-32ACD is the perfect choice for those who are looking for sustainable and efficient packaging equipment for trendy packages like stand-up pouches.  The VFFS for standup pouches enables packaging a variety of product in the classic standup pouch (Doypack) or Doypack with press-to-close zippers.

    • Heat sealing jaws for PP, laminate film
    • Servo-driven belts for film transport
    • 1 forming tube for stand-up pouches
    • Allen Bradley PLC
    • Touch screen 10” equipped with auto-diagnostic with alarms for operator
    • SICK photocell with microprocessor, for fast learning of marker color contrast
    • Encoder which reads film length without print mark
    • Pneumatic equipment FESTO, SMC, 12 [mm] connection
    • Automatic film tracking on the forming tube collar SEW AC drives
    • Automatic film unwinding system with stretching bar equipped with analog sensor for constant film tension
    • Lexan guard with interlocks
    • Ethernet connection
    • Pneumatic mounting shaft for reel change
    • Motorized outfeed conveyor under seal jams

    Most finished products being packed in pre-made stand-up pouches could also be packed with the Radpak Vertical Form, Fill Seal Bagger.  Some examples includes pet food, chocolates, cookies, pretzel, salty snacks, nuts, dried fruits, trail mix, candies, wrapped candies, cake mix, spices, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, bell peppers, whey proteins, chemicals etc.

    Radpak offers a lot more than Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers for Doypack, in fact they can supply complete packaging lines for pillow bags (similar to potato chip bags) including the bulk product elevator, product separator, combination scale, mezzanine, bagger, take-away conveyor, line combinors, pouch collating, case packing etc.  

  • Category
    Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
  • Product type:
    Stand-up pouch made from rollstock for nuts, dried fruits, candies, wrapped candies, salty snacks, bakery mix, whey protein, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, sugar, spices, pet food, chemicals etc.
  • Speed Range : Up to 55 pouches per minute
  • Packaging Size : Pouch width: 120mm to 280mm, lenght: 170mm to 280mm, gusset: 50mm to 85mm
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