VFFS Stabilo Bagger RM-25AC

  • Stabilo bags or flat bottom bags are an economical alternative to stand-up pouches and can accomodate various products and maximize bag facing on shelves.  
    Radpak Vertical Form Fill Seal Intermittent Motion Stabilo Bagger RM-25AC, designed for packing products into bags of max width 250 mm.

    The Radpak VFFS machines for stabilo bags are capable of producing a considerable variety of bags, for instance: flat bags, side gusset bags, stabilo with 4 sealed corners, zipper , euro slot bags, twist tied etc.

    Temperature control (constant heat sealing RM-25AC)
    Touch panel with Pack ML type of program
    Automatic film centering
    Film ending alarm
    Automatic film unwinding system
    Film quick connecting system
    Pneumatic shaft for easy film loading
    Measuring film length by encoder or photocell
    Tools free adjustment Stabilo bags – 4 sealed corners
    Powder painted frame standard Stainless steel – option
    Zipper - option

    Note about Stabilo bags :
    Minimum: bottom 40 mm x 80 mm
    Maximum: bottom 140 mm x 80 mm

  • Category
    Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
  • Product type:
    Nuts, oatmeal, coffee, tea, sweet goods, fresh produce, frozen food, pet food, Cookies, Coated nuts, Metal, plastic parts
  • Speed Range : Up to 70 Stabilo bags per minute
  • Packaging Size : Pouch width from 50 to 250mm / Length from 80 to 300 mm /
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