Wrap Around Case Packer for Pouches

  • The Radpak RKZ-22 wrap around case packer collates pouches or bags and automatically side-loads them into trays or blanks.

    Advanced technology of Radpak end-of-line case packers allow to load products in three kinds of cases: trays, trays + hoods and trays + lids.

    The main benefits of wraparound cases vs RSC cases are the saving associated with flat blanks (cost + storage) as well as more capacity because more blanks can be stacked in the magazine. With wraparound case packing, the die-cut corrugated sheet is folded and glued tightly around the products, often resulting in a better quality case for downstream palletization.

    - Adjustable for various case sizes and pouch styles
    - Rugged construction with renowned components
    - Designed for integration to most packaging lines

  • Category
    Case packer
  • Product type:
    Doy packs, Standup pouches, stabilo bags, 4-side seal packs, pillow bags, Cartons
  • Speed Range : 15 cases per minute
  • Packaging Size : Customized (bespoke) system.
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