• Countries sold to:
    All over the world
  • Target Market : Wineries
  • What industries are using it?
    • Beverage (Champagne)
    • Beverage (carbonated)
    • Beverage (still)
  • ( air knives )


Washing & Drying machine for the outside of glass bottles, mod. LITTLE

  • Washing-drying machine mod. LITTLE suitable for the external washing of cylindrical filled and corked bottles.
    The machine is complete with a single station, including a central starwheel with step-by-step motion which transfers the bottles to the different positions for the washing and the drying actions.
    In the first position, high-speed rotating brushes are performing the washing of the neck and bottom of the bottle.
    Secondly, a top holding head is lowering down on the bottle, to keep it firmly positioned on the bottle-seat. In this position the bottle is rotating against a main brush, to achieve a good washing of its body.
    The water is sprayed by means of adjustable nozzles.

    Then the bottle is dried in 2 steps :
    First removal of water drops from the bottle neck by means of a compressed air blowing
    Complete drying of the body of the bottle by means of 2 air-blowing pipes, placed next to the conveyor chain, feeding hot air on the entire bottle surface. The blown air is always about 24°C higher in temperature that the external ambient

    The model LITTLE is built totally in stainless steel AISI 304, or in other material guaranteed for long-term resistance to water contact.
    The machine is supplied complete with safety panels conforming to EEC regulation.

    The machine output is adjustable electronically from 800 up to 1.200 bph actual speed, by means of a potentiometer located on the control panel.
  • Category
    Bottle/Can Washer (external)
  • Product type:
  • Speed Range : 500-1200 B.P.H.
  • Packaging Size : min - max diam. 60 -110 mm
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