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X-ray system for fill-level inspection

  • X-ray technology uses non-contact online inspection method, when the container passes the tube, X-ray energy is transmitted through the container. The detector measures the intensity of the beam, and then the intensity is compared to acceptable energy levels to determine the relative fill level of the container. Containers outside the limits will be rejected.

    X-ray can be used to measure both overfilled and underfilled products in containers.

    Non-contact online inspection
    X-ray technology
    Both overfilled and underfilled detection
    Up to 1,500 Containers Per Minute
    Automatically remove defective products
    Color Touch Screen
  • Category
    X Ray-Inspection
  • Product type:
    Beverage,Beer and Mineral water
  • Speed Range : 1500CPM
  • Packaging Size : Suitable for the outside diameter of container: 40mm~140mm
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