Fresh Creative Foods is ramping up production in tub packaging

Serving families since 1950 with fresh, delicious side dishes, appetizers and meals has been our sole dedication, and Control GMC makes it easier to achieve our goals.

From the farm to the market, Fresh Creative Foods (a division of Reser’s Fine Foods), is always creating new and delicious chef-inspired new recipes and looking for ways to improve its packaging operations.  

By Oliver Arian (LinkedIn Profile)

One of the biggest production challenge at this nationwide food processor was to implement cost-effective production lines, allowing easy changeovers between the wide variety of products sold in more than 15 sizes and shapes of open mouth containers. Selecting the right packaging machine was critical in order to achieve their operational goals and deliver the bottom line.

How to Ramp Up Production While Decreasing Energy and Operation Costs

Whether you are a small scale food processor or the leading provider of deli salads, fresh salads, side dishes and prepared foods, production operations cost optimization is always a challenge. Optimization is particularly challenging for businesses offering a wide variety of fresh foods in sealable open mouth containers such as Fresh Creative Foods. Highly versatile automatic packing machines have become paramount to optimize operation costs.

Fresh Creative's food packing machine selection criteria were: 

  • Avoid multiplicity of dedicated production lines. 
  • Low production equipment costs.
  • Decrease operation costs.
  • Reduce production facility area, rental, and energy costs.
  • Low-cost tooling.
  • Quick container changeover time by operators.
  • Quickly introduce at will new SKU to stay on top of the market, at optimal costs.

For Fresh Creative Foods, the solution to increase production capacity was to acquire several automatic filling lines instead of betting only on a few high-speed production lines.  They opted for model FDS2500 and FDS4500 with PL500 sealing units made by Control GMC Inc. With containers format changeover in less than 20 minutes, and the ability to fill sealable containers with thick products at a rate of up to 40 one pound cups per minute, per lane, these packing machines helped speed up the production and became one of the biggest assets for this whole process of production streamlining.

All size and shape of tubs can be sealed with film or foil with optional model PL500 heat-sealing unit, which is fully integrated on the frame of model FDS2500 or FDS4500 and controlled with the Allen Bradley HMI.  Model PL500 Heat Sealer can work with rollstock film or foil, or with pre-cut foil with a pick-and-place unit.  Depending on products or marketing strategy, plastic lids can be applied to the sealed open-mouth containers for reclosability.  Ultimately, the new cup filling, sealing and lidding machines decreased production time and cost significantly, thus delivering its promise to optimize the packaging operations of Fresh Creative Foods.


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