List of Machines with - Pressure-sensitive (self-adhesive) labeler Subcategory

MAK Rotary Labellers

Makro Labelling SRL


Description: Makro manufacture rotary labellers for label application by Self Adhesive / Cold Glue / Hot Melt or any combination of these labelling technologies onto bottles, cans and jars.

ALX 926 Wide Print-area Print-and-Apply

Avery Dennison RBIS


Description: print and apply varaiables information on products or boxes. Could be used as a stand-alone system or integrated on labeler system as a primary label applicator.

MECA Premium Labeler and Capsule Applicator for Wine Bottles



Description: Mecamarc offers a complete range of pressure-sensitive labeler and capsuling machines for wine and spirit bottles. The MECA Premium is our economical labeler to apply pressure-sensitive labels and capsules (tin or pvc) to wine bottles. This entry-level labeler and capsule applicator for wine bottles will achieve speeds of 16 bottles per minute (1000 bottles per hour). It will apply one or two labels (front and back labels) to various styles of wine and spirit bottles. Front and back labels can be on the same roll or on different rolls, depending on options. The MECA Premium wine bottle labeler and capsule applicator includes a conveyor and accumulation table. It also includes a small digital controller to facilitate set-up. The MECA Premium is a monoblock to combines label application and capsule application. For PVC capsules, the labeling and capsuling machine is equipped with a heat shrink head and for tin capsules (polylaminate capsules), it is equipped with a spinner head. Other options include code embossing, hot stamp coder and ink jet coder.

Gernep Rotary Labeler Labetta SK

Gernep GmbH


Description: Rotary labeller with servo-driven bottle plates and Herma label dispensers. The bottle plates are fully programmable from the HMI and the diameter of the machine table and number of bottle plates varies depending of speed requirement.

Ecoline 100 and 160 FFS - Label applicators

Ecoline International ltd.


Description: Application of pre-printed labels, mounted on Form Fill & Seal machines, applying the label directly onto the foil on the filling pipe or in-line.

MEGA ADE Rotary Labeler for self-adhesive labels



Description: MEGA ADE labeller can apply of up to 6 pressure sensitve labels on bottles,jars,glass or plastic.Also available with zero down time configuration,orientation systems,servo driven platforms

DELTA Pouch and Bag Labeler

Aesus Labeling Systems


Description: The Aesus Standup Pouch Labeler (Doypack pouch) was designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels to laminated pouches and bags. Whether the pouches have bottom gusset, side gussets, press-to-close zippers, slider zippers or corner fitments*, the pouch labeler can help you reduce labor cost and improve label placement accuracy. The Aesus Pouch Labeler will also work with Tyvek pouches, paper bags, seed packets, flat cartons etc. The DELTA Pouch Labeler is a modular system that consists of 3 main components, namely the magazine/pouch feeder, the pouch labeling station and the pouch stacker/accumulator. Depending on your pouch labeling requirements, each component will be customized to deliver an efficient system. Empty pre-made pouches are loaded in the magazine, which are available in different configurations (dual-stack, shingled, pick-and-place) depending of the pouch style. The pouches are automatically fed, spaced and aligned prior entering the labeling station, which consist of one or two label dispensers for simultaneous front and back labeling. Labeled bags are then transferred to an accumulation bin or a high autonomy accumulation conveyor. Daily operations of the pouch labeler, such as pouch size changeovers, label rolls changeovers are simple and do not require highly skilled operators. Mechanical adjustments are minimal and easy to do, thanks to the graduated adjustments and scales. All other adjustments such as speed, product spacing, label position on pouches are stored in the PLC and can be recalled from the touch screen. Popular options available for the pouch labeler: high autonomy feeder, long autonomy stacker and printer/coder integration to turn the pouch labeller into a print-and-apply for pouches. For customers with FDA clean room operations, or specific electrical requirements our PREMIER Pouch Labeler can be fully customized to suit the most demanding cGMP regulations. Automatic pouch labeling systems are popular with confection, snack, nuts, pet food, coffee, tea, nutraceutical, sauces and many other applications. * Subject to evaluation by OEM, some restrictions may apply.




Description: ADHESLEEVE: Linerless roll-fed self-adhesive labelling machine suitable to apply wrap-around pre-glued labels Is the cheapest and most ecological solution in the field of Roll-fed labeling. It uses reels with already applied glue strips, which are applied to the label during the film converting process. ADHESLEEVE is a type of labelling machine which uses pre-glued transparent or white roll-fed film with thicknesses lower than the films that are normally used on the classic Roll-Fed labellers. Due to the use of thermal-shrinkable pre-glued roll-fed films, Adhesleeve, on the same machine, is able to handle shaped containers creating a Sleeve-type packaging at definitely lower costs (40% savings), granting the same packaging quality than a common sleeve applicator. So we can say that Adhesleeve is the most economical and ecological solution for roll-fed labelling. But there’s more! It is also the most flexible, immediate and cost-effective solution for the thermal-shrinking packaging.

ECO Wrap Round Bottle Labeler

Aesus Packaging Systems, Inc.


Description: The ECO Wrap Bottle Labeling system will automatically apply pressure-sensitive labels to various diameters of round bottles and cylindrical containers. For the budget conscious the Eco Wrap Bottle Labeler sports the same powerful Servo Herma 400 ECON head as our top end models but eliminates many bells and whistles to give a cost effective automatic wrap bottle labeler. Speeds of over 100 bottles per minute can be obtained on 3'' diameter cylindrical containers on this bottle labeling system. It includes a 7ft long Stainless Steel conveyor, 12 inch Wrap belt, frame Stainless stand, a Stainless Steel control box with multiturn lockable precise speed controls. A color touch panel PLC can be added if many options are needed. Although economical this is a fine bottle labeler with a label dispense head that is so rugged and accurate that others have a hard time competing with its performance.

BenchMAX Tabletop Labeler (with all attachments)

Great Engineering Labeling Solutions


Description: The BenchMAX will label glass, plastic and metal bottles, jars, tubes, vials, candles and more from the base to the very top and will label container sizes from 45mm to a 130mm. A fully-optioned BenchMAX includes a Small Container Adaptor for containers with diameters from 8mm to 45mm, an Auto Attachment for hands-free operation, and Electronic Orientation for precise positioning of export labels or oversticking. The BenchMAX is in use in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wineries, breweries, food cosmetics, candles and for when you WIN all those wonderful awards, you can simply attach an overlay award label, and NOT stop your whole production. However, we can generally tailor a machine to meet your labelling needs and budget.

BenchMATE+ Tabletop Manual Labeler

Great Engineering Labeling Solutions


Description: We have named it the BenchMATE+ Now the BenchMATE+ can label from 15 mm diameter to 200 mm diameter, you can label different sizes of containers without changing set up.Light plastic bottles that normally would cause problems are easily labelled.Clear labels on clear label stock are easy to use with no set up requirements. the speed is faster then most electric models with the exception of Great Engineering’s machines. Warranty is 3 years. When the time comes to upgrade to one of our electric models, we will trade in your BenchMATE+ for 80% of the price you purchased it for

ECO Wrap Labeler

Aesus Packaging Systems, Inc.


Description: The Aesus ECO Wrap is an entry-level, fully automatic wrap-around labeling machine for pressure-sensitive labels. This automatic wrap labeler is dedicated to round bottles or any cylindrical containers of various diameter and height. Whether you need to apply labels to plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans or tin cans, the ECO Wrap Labeler is certainly one of the best value in America when it comes to quality/price ratio. The Eco Wrap round bottle labeler offers the same powerful and servo-driven Herma 400 label head as our top end models but eliminates many bells and whistles to give a cost effective automatic wrap bottle labeler. Speeds of over 100 bottles per minute can be achieved on 3'' diameter cylindrical containers or round bottles. The Aesus ECO Wrap Labeler includes a 7ft long stainless steel conveyor, 12 inch Wrap belt, closed-frame, a swivel control box and a servo label dispenser. The control can be a simple buttons and potentiometer panel or Aesus’ standard Allen Bradley touch screen and PLC. The ECO Wrap Series most popular options are coders (thermal, hot stamp, laser), Prism Aligner (for large diameter or unstable bottles), StarPrism, vision systems, label presence sensor, conveyor extension, extra label applicator for top label and reject station.

Rotary Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Guangzhou UJUNR Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Description: Technical Parameter Power supply: Three-phase 380V 50Hz 8000W Machine Dimension: 3000*2500*2000mm Max. Labeling Speed: 24000 BPH Max.speed of label feeding: 150 meters/min Labeling accuracy: 1 mm Max. Label Width: 130 mm Max. Label Length: 500 mm Max. Label Diameter: 600 mm Paper Core Diameter: 152 mm Weight: 2500 kg