List of Machines with - Cartoner Subcategory

Vertical Cartoner

Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.


Description: High speed vertical cartoning machine with patented NPU rotary turret to set-up cartons. Available both in the volumetric and gravimetric versions.

HD-CMA Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner

AFA Systems Ltd.


Description: The HD Cartoner brings significant productivity gains to your manufacturing line. The HD Cartoner's fall through design means product spills will fall directly on the floor which allows for easier cleaning and wipe down. The servo drives on the cartoner offer reduction in mechanical components thus minimizing overall footprint and providing smooth operation. The servo drives also provide accurate feedback and fault diagnostics as well as assisting with changeover for different carton sizes. High speeds are also achievable through the machines robust frame and rotary feeder. Numerous options can be added to the HD Cartoner including leaflet inserts, date coding, extended magazine and open flap detection. Discharge belts are also included to reduce carton marking.

WTP-25 Side Load Cartoner/Tray Packer

Consolidated Technologies Inc.


Description: Our Automatic Cartoner/Tray packer for beer cans/beer bottles is a side load system capable to load bottles or cans in RSC cartons and corrugated trays.... IN THE SAME UNIT. Easy to adjust for different size of packs and gentle loading system suitable for glass bottles and cans. This automatic case packer for cans or bottles is predominantly made with stainless steel components, therefore well-suited for the craft brewery environment. The machine also includes a conveyor with a lane infeed system with back pressure control and we can integrate outfeed conveyors to fit your needs. Our complete range of case erectors, tray formers and cartoners are featuring Nordson PRO BLUE Hot Melt Glue systems and interlocked safety guarding.