How to invite suppliers to quote?

Invitations to quote will be sent to manufacturers/vendors directly by PackAdvisors staff after the information submitted has been reviewed. 


What if I want specific vendors to quote on my project?  

No problem, you can submit the name of vendors from which you'd like to receive offers in the questionnaire.  Even if they have already sent a quotation for your project, it will be in your best interest to let them quote again based on the same RFQ than other vendors.

What's next?

Once you have submited the filled questionnaire for a specific packaging machinery, the information will be reviewed by our staff. The information you submitted will be inserted in our RFQ template, which includes important specifications about machine safety, local electrical codes, quality of fabrication, responsabilities and performance guarantee. 


The final Request For Quote (RFQ) document will contain all the information needed to let manufacturers/vendors prepare quotations.