Compare quotations

It is common practice to receive 3 or more quotations for most capex projects.  Most people will be able to find 3 vendors to present quotation on their projects, through exhibitions, trade magazines, word of mouth and of course by browsing the web.  


The real problem is to compare the quotations and evaluate the value offered by each vendor.  The wording is different, the amount of details vary greatly, it is not always clear if options are really options or they are required.   As well, you will find great discrepancies in price between each vendor for supposedly equivalent machinery.

Our solution

It all starts by asking the right questions and clarifying exactly what is expected from the packaging machinery.  The quality of the quotations received is a reflect of the information provided to the vendors.  Creating a Request For Quotation (RFQ) document is a really the first step to a successful project, and it is never too late to do it right.


In addition to submiting their usual quotations, the vendors quoting through PackAdvisors need to fill a checklist highlighting all the critical points of the project.  For each point, they either agree or if they deviate, they need to provide explanations.  The final evaluation grid presented to the end-user is giving you a clear picture with price, compliance to request and deviations.