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IN STOCK - Steam/IR Shrink Tunnel

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    Almost new Shrink Tunnel used less than 50 hours by a co-packer.

    Also includes 16' long X 4'' wide conveyor with stainless steel chain, ideal for full-body shrink sleeve application. Sufficient space is available on the conveyor to integrate your existing shrink sleeve applicator or pre-cut sleeves can by applied by hand for smaller operations. The conveyor is equipped with a servo motor and can either run in continuous-motion or intermittent-motion.
    1) The steam hoods are NOT INCLUDED.
    2) Boiler requires 600V and Tunnel requires 208V drops.

    Hybrid Shrink Tunnel combining steam (with built-in boiler) and Infra-red heat (electrical) in the same enclosure. Simply hook-up power and water supply with garden hose and you are ready to start production. Small footprint and cantilevered design to make it easy to install on most existing conveyors. Very popular in craft breweries to decorate 12oz and 16oz beer cans or glass bottles with full body shrink sleeves. Cans and bottles can be sleeved full or empty! Steam delivers a better shrink than pure electric (also known as infrared or radiant). The addition of a small steam generator and specially designed steam tubes to our Infra red Tunnel gives this better shrink but at an affordable price. The further advantage to the combination Hybrid tunnel is that only a little steam is used and so the process is much drier than it would be with a steam only tunnel and also the shrinking is completed in much less space than conventional tunnels.

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  • Category
    Heat Tunnel for bottles
  • Product type:
    Filled or empty aluminum cans, filled or empty glass bottles, Protein powder jars, plastic bottles, yogurt cups, adhesive tape multi-packs
  • Speed Range : Up to 200 bottles or cans per minute
  • Packaging Size : 8” wide x 12” high heated chamber
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