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  • Target Market : Beverage, Mineral Water, OEM's
  • What industries are using it?
    • Packaging & Containers
    • Beverage (carbonated)
    • Beverage (still)
  • ( Air conveyor )
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Air Conveyor

  • The blowing of our air conveyor is just bellow the neck guide, so just under the bottle ring. This will ensure not blow inside the bottle.

    Even take a teflon neck guide and low friction rate, our air conveyors are equipped with microdry CHP.

    The use of lubrication on airconveyors is patented and get some big advantages over our competitors:

    - A reduction up to 40% of the fan consumption on an existing airconveyor. This means that new installations use less fans compared to our competitors. Cheaper installation and more energy efficient.

    - With the micro lubrication we ensure that the jams will stop on conveyor due to the very low friction between the neck and guide. In addition to use lubricant as Teflon, repels dirt and ensures optimal functioning of the conveyor whatever maintenance is given.

    - With the dry lubrication will stop the electrostatic problems due to the use of untreated preforms.
  • Category
    Conveyor to single-file bottles
  • Product type:
    Empty plastic (PET) bottles
  • Speed Range : No limits
  • Packaging Size : No limits
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