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This machine has been in operation for more than two years and it really helped us meet the growing demand for our products. Alon Farber, President

After a first expansion less than 3 years ago, Prana, the organic vegan and gluten free Snack Company recently moved from its original Montreal Mile-End location to a much larger industrial building in St-Laurent, QC.

By Oliver Arian

Founded by Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber, Prana Biovegan offers a wide range of products, processed in Quebec: chia, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, sweet & savory snacks, trail mixes, superfoods, cacao and coconut products, all of which are 100% organic.

Prana is packing the majority of its products for the retail market in stand-up pouches.  In addition to outstanding graphic possibilities, the pre-made pouch offers resealability with a zipper and a very good barrier to keep the product fresh until opening.  When analysing the complete life cycle of a pouch, you quickly realize it is one of the most eco-friendly packaging available in terms of carbon footprint.  Due to the stackability of the empty pouch, the cost of shipping and warehousing are reduced significantly compared to rigid containers. 

The pre-made pouches are pre-printed and are filled on a PSG LEE Stand-up Pouch bagger supplied by PPi Technologies Group.  The 8 station rotary turret that will print the expiration date, open the zipper, verify that the bottom gusset is open, fill, gas flush, heat seal and cool seal before discharging on the outfeed conveyor. 

A custom-made mezzanine was fabricated locally to integrate a Yamato combination scale as well as the existing auger filler.  The PSG LEE pouch filler and sealer is mounted on rails to move it under the scale or auger filler depending on product to be filled.  All pouches are inspected by a Safeline Metal Detector for additional safety.   

Prana owner Alon Farber says: “We looked at the different stand-up pouch bagger in the market and we decided to go with the PSG LEE.  This is a rugged machine and the supplier could offer a turn-key solution including the bagger, the scale and the mezzanine.  This machine has been in operation for more than two years and it really helped us meet the growing demand for our products’’

The recent move to a larger building is only the start of the next chapter in the history of this young company.  Farber says: ‘’We will keep offering our customers high quality products that have been inspired by different culinary traditions from around the globe.  Prana is renowned for its fresh, flavourful products as well as its high quality standards.’’


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